Birthday Shenanigans

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I turned 22 which is the most awkward age possible to be because you are not seen as young but also not mature.

Regardless I had a pretty good week! My friend Sierra flew in from NYC and we stayed at the sugar dad’s flat in Kensington. Sierra and I have been friends for the past decade or so; we ran the same speed during cross country practices and bonded over our shared awkwardness and poop stories. I’ve probably kept the best in touch with her out of my core high school squad. The Sugar Dad has been completely swamped with work which is why he has been so terrible at communication. I also found out that he is mildly autistic; his fixations on work and quirks make a lot more sense now and I love that he loves that I can be direct when I communicate with him. It makes things simpler all around.  Anyway, we stayed at his digs and I gave Sierra a little taste of my new life. Her first afternoon there I texted SD and asked if we could open a bottle of his wine (he thought it would be a good investment and has a wide variety of vintages.) He gave me the go ahead and told me to grab anything out of the wine cellar. Wine cellar? I wondered if he meant the crates of French wines in his hallway and was being cheeky like how we called my childhood home “Le Maison Blanc” to sound fancy when it was a pretty basic colonial. No. He had a legit wine cellar in his office hidden in the wall. Interestingly enough, SD was the first conquest of mine that Sierra actually liked. She HATED my last two boyfriends because one was apparently “embarrassed by my outgoing” self and the other was self absorbed and rude. She said SD was one of the sweetest men that she had ever met. Even though he doesn’t get sarcasm <_<

SD met us for dinner every night and we enjoyed restaurants like Dinner by Heston, Kouzo, and some Italian place in Soho that had calf intestines on its menu but apparently is super hard to get a reservation at. I have developed quite a taste for Japanese being with him. He is half Japanese and always knows what to order. The booze flowed freely and we partook in some sheesha (?) as well in Chelsea. There is a large middle eastern population which adds a lot to the local culture and food.

For my birthday gift the three of us went to see The Book of Mormon. I found it to be quite a heartwarming production and not very offensive to the religious types at all. Offensive to black people a little bit; that they needed the whites to save them but I think it was meant to make fun of the whole “white savior” view many missionaries bring with them on trips abroad. Also, my grandma saw it a few years ago and has the elderly stamp of approval as well. Fun for all ages 10/10!!!!

The only downside to the week was the end. Before I left for the airport SD and I had a coffee in Soho and my drink was cross contaminated with nuts. I ended up going into anaphylactic shock, consequently missing my flight home. Luckily a big dose of steroids stopped the swelling of my throat and SD cancelled his meetings for the rest of the day to take care of me. He also booked me a first class replacement flight which was much better than my original easy jet ticket. He is the greatest 🙂

Sincerely Yours,

A former crazy girl



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