A List of Reasons to Dislike Asian Bae

Lists are a good way to remember why you should not let people break your heart twice in a row. They are also a welcome distraction from the havoc wreaked on a heart!

  1. He is old. Like in 6 years he will be 40! Okay this isn’t a real reason; his age doesn’t bother me at all.
  2. He only cares about superficiality. That is why I found him on SA. He likes outer beauty more than inner. One time he told me that he likes NYC because it is full of beautiful people. That is pretty sad.
  3. He repeatedly dates girls in their teens. He is a 30+ year old man. If younger dates become a serial offence that is a bit of an alarm indicating stunted maturity levels.
  4. My bff hated him after meeting him for lunch.
  5. He laughed at me when I told him I had feelings for him.
  6. His ex fiancé was a model with an eating disorder and a drug problem. No wonder she miscarried their foetus.
  7. He would never pick up calls on weekends. Little bit sketch.
  8. He was dating other girls at the same time as me but told me how special and amazing I was.
  9. He picked up a call from an ex in the middle of dinner and left me alone in a restaurant for nearly 20 minutes.
  10. His love letters were pretentious af. I shall transcribe one for you in a few days when I am feeling less bad about this!


Probably there are more reasons.


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