Next Friday I am jetting off to the Maldives! Has anyone been to COMO Cocoa Island? Decent for a third date eh? OMGOMGOMG I can hardly even wait!

Daddy asked if it was ok to only fly first class on the way there because the premium cabins were full on the way back. I of course put up a fuss (as a joke) but as he is asian he doesn’t always get the humor and I had to explain. Also, he bought me the newest iPhone “to make me a more productive citizen.” lolol

Also I am on antibiotics for an ear infection. I don’t think it will spoil my chance to dive in the Indian Ocean.

I will photograph my outfits for you in a bit.

To Do:

Bikini waxing

tanning for base

diet like cray

get my dissertation on the road!





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