Borrow My Doggy

One of the best memberships I have ever paid for is one called Borrow My Doggy. It is better than my NatGeo subscription and much better than tinder plus.

One time I was in a club and drunk me thought that tindering in Syria could be a good time. Spoiler alert: It is not and I think that they like guns there more than even in America. Fortunately when I woke up the next morning and realized my folly I had only signed up for a month of plus. So then I played in Rio and matched with Olympians and now get nudes on the reg from a certain diver. So win win I guess? #AleppoisBurning

Anyway, back to borrow my doggy. I went on three dog dates before finding The One. Lily is a three year old lap dog who I am slowly teaching to be a real dog. Today there was a real breakthrough; she went out without both a bow nor a coat (although her collar is still bright pink and rhinestoned) AND off leash. I also taught her a new command, “down” which could be useful. I dunno if her owner would be down with my insidious training but it is okay it does not hurt anyone.

Maybe Borrow My Doggy should sponsor my blog after that glowing review. Then I could add some cool gifs or something.




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